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  1. FREE SUMMIT: Screen Time & Mental Health
  2. Unlocking Dyscalculia: Latest Episode with Professor Brian Butterworth
  3. Celebrating Women in Mathematics


🔢🧠 Unleashing the Power of Number Sense and Subitizing: A Parent's Guide!

Did you catch our latest episode of Unlocking Dyscalculia? Join Adrianne Meldrum and Professor Brian Butterworth as they discuss working memory, number sense, and subitizing!

Subitizing is the ability to instantly recognize the number of items or dots without counting them individually. At Made for Math, we’ve observed that many students struggle with subitizing and quickly recognizing dot patterns.

Professor Butterworth uses various methods to test subitizing skills, such as having students assess the number of dots in a randomly arranged pattern or matching dots with corresponding numbers. These testing methods aim to tap into the underlying capacity of number sense. Difficulties in subitizing can be a significant indicator of dyscalculia in young individuals.

Tune into the latest episode of Unlocking Dyscalculia, here.


Check out this podcast episode on Taking a Multisensory Approach to Teaching Math. Adrianne shares insights on how this approach can benefit learners facing challenges, such as those with dyslexia, dyscalculia, or other math learning difficulties. The conversation delves into the effectiveness of engaging multiple senses to enhance understanding and retention of mathematical concepts. Catch the chat with Adrianne and Together in Literacy, here.

In the News: The Supreme Court unanimously rules for student who is deaf in this education case. This ruling has broader implications for students with disabilities, emphasizing that schools must consider the unique needs of each individual student when providing educational accommodations. It sets a precedent for ensuring equal access to education for students with disabilities and reinforces the importance of inclusive educational practices. Read the full article, here.

⭐ Enjoy the Limelight ⭐

🌟 Celebrating Izzy's Math Journey! 🎉

We couldn't be prouder of Izzy's fantastic progress with fractions! She's not only enjoying the content but also understanding it with enthusiasm. During one of her sessions, she exclaimed, “Math is always fun!” Erin didn’t remind her of how she was feeling about math a few months ago. 😂

Shoutout to Izzy and Erin for being SUPERSTARS! ⭐⭐


Join us in celebrating the incredible achievements and contributions of women in the field of mathematics. May 12th serves as a reminder of the remarkable women who have paved the way and continue to inspire future generations. Let's celebrate the power of diversity and inclusivity in mathematics, as it enriches our understanding and welcomes innovation.

Watch this 3-minute talk with Dr. Daniel Ansari on Gender and Math, here.


We're excited to invite you to the highly anticipated Screen Time & Mental Health Summit, where leading experts will come together to explore the impact of screen time on our children's well-being. 🌈🤝

In this groundbreaking summit from Bright & Quirky, we'll dive deep into the intersection of technology, mental health, and parenting to gain valuable insights and practical strategies for navigating the digital landscape with confidence.

This virtual event starts tomorrow, May 15-19. Sign-up for the FREE SUMMIT, here. [Full Disclosure: MFM is an affiliate and will receive financial compensation if you register for an Access Pass through this link.]


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